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315MHz RF Receiver module


About this module


 The RF315M Module is designed to receive amplitude-shift-keyed (ASK) and on-off-keyed (OOK) data in the 315MHz frequency range. The receiver has an RF input signal range of -106dBm to 0dBm.

This module has few external components and has a power-down pin to put it in a low-current sleep mode, uses a very-low intermediate frequency 200 kHz

The device also contains an on-chip automatic gain control (AGC) that reduces the LNA gain by 30dB when the input signal power is large and operates from either a 3~5V power supply and draws 5.5mA (typ) of current.

This module is specified over AEC-Q100 Level 2 (-40ºC to +105 ºC)


ASK/OOK Modulation
  • < 250μs Enable Turn-On Time
  • PLL, VCO, Mixer, IF, Baseband
  • Low IF (200kHz Nominal)
  • 5mA DC Current
  • 1μA Standby Current
  • 3V/5V Operation
  • (-)106dBm receiver sensitivity
Hardware Overview
IO Description 
No Name Description
1 RF_IN RF Signal Input
2 GND Ground
3 GND Ground
4 GND Ground
5 VCC Power Supply, 3.0V ~ 5.0V
6 EN# Module Enable Signal(Active LOW Enable)
7 GND Ground
8 GND Ground
9 GND Ground
10 DATA-OUT Data Output Signal
Electrical Characteristics
Absolute Maximum Ratings

VCC to GND —————–    -0.3V to +6.0V ENABLE to GND   ———   -0.3V to VCC+0.3V
RFIN to GND        ——–   -0.3V to +1.2V
DATA OUT to GND ——–    -0.3V to VCC+0.3V
DC Characteristics

Supply Voltage VCC 3.0               –                5 V
Supply Current IIN TA < +105°C EN =0 6.8 mA
Deep-sleep mode, EN =VCC 4  μA
Input High Voltage VIH VCC -0.4 V
Input Low Voltage VIL 0.4 V
Input Current IENABLE 0 ≤ VENABLE ≤ VCC 20  μA
Output Low Voltage VOL ISINK = 100μA 0.4 V
Output High Voltage VOH ISOURCE = 100μA VCC -0.4 V

AC Characteristics 

Receiver Input Frequency Range fRF 300       450  MHz
Maximum Receiver Input Level PRFIN 0 dBm
Sensitivity fRF = 315MHz -106 dBm
Power-On Time tON Time for valid RSSI output Enable power on (VDD > 3.0V) 250 μs
VDD power on 1 ms
AGC Hysteresis 5 dB
AGC Low Gain-to-HighGain
Switching Time
13 ms
LNA Input Impedance ZINLNA Normalized to 50Ω fRF = 315MHz 50 +j3.8 Ω
LO Signal Feedthrough to Antenna 75 dBm
Voltage Gain Reduction Low-gain mode, AGC enabled 29 dB
 LNA/Mixer Voltage Gain High-gain LNA mode 55 dB
Low-gain LNA mode 26
3dB Cutoff Frequency BWIF Set by capacitors on IFC1 and IFC2 280 kHz
RSSI Linearity ±0.5 dB
RSSI Dynamic Range Includes AGC 80 dB
 RSSI Level PRFIN < -120dBm 1.34  V
PRFIN > 0dBm, AGC enabled 2.35
Intermediate Frequency fIF 200 kHz
Maximum Data-Filter Bandwidth BWDF 50 kHz
Maximum Data-Slicer Bandwidth BWDS 100 kHz
Maximum Peak Detector
50  kHz
Maximum Data Rate Manchester coded 33 kbps
Nonreturn to zero (NRZ) 66
Crystal Frequency fXTAL 9.8375 MHz
Crystal Load Capacitance CLOAD 10 pF

(note1) When EN=Low, 315MHz impedance is 50+j 3.8 , Return loss ≥ 12dB, and VSWR≤2

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